Rent a Pop-Up CamperAre you considering a pop-up camper rental for your next Texas getaway? Still unsure whether it’s the right choice? Well, in case you needed a little extra incentive, here is what our crew at Dependable Camper Rental of Austin, TX, thinks are the top reasons to rent a camper.

1. Go anywhere.

With a camper, you have the freedom to travel about anywhere. Want to go to the Gulf? No problem. Ready to take a trip north? Do it.

2. Don’t be leery about towing.

Pop-up campers are light and compact in comparison to larger travel trailers. If we can tow one, so can you.

3. Step up from the tent.

A tent is a romantic idea, but if you want to camp but still enjoy some comforts of indoor living, a pop-up is certainly the way to go.

4. Spend less than renting an RV.

A huge motorhome can be a fun but expensive way to travel. A pop-up camper, on the other hand, tends to be much more affordable.

5. Have your own vehicle on hand.

Take your accommodations with you, but still have your personal vehicle on hand for local sightseeing or trips to the grocery store.

6. Cook your own meals.

Pop-up campers come equipped with a small kitchenette that makes cooking outdoors much easier and convenient.

7. Easy to set up.

Even if you’ve never been camping, a pop-up camper doesn’t take an advanced degree in engineering to set up. With a few instructions, you can pull into your campsite and have your home away from home ready in no time. See for yourself what satisfied customers have said about their rental experience.

8. Sleep up to eight people.

Larger families love our campers, not only for their affordability, but also because there’s generally space for everyone to hang out and sleep comfortably. We have models the accommodate anywhere from five to eight people.

9. Extra storage.

Is your minivan overflowing with luggage? You can store some of your vacation items in the pop-up camper both on the road and after you arrive at your destination.

10. Shelter from the elements.

Rain? Cold night? Blistering heat? No worries. Pop-up campers help you have some distance from less-than-ideal weather so you can stay comfortable. Our models even come equipped with air conditioning. Want to find out more about our pop-up camper rentals? Contact our team at Dependable Camper Rental at (512) 484-7955. We’re a top provider of pop-up campers to locals and visitors to the Austin, TX, area.