In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many Texans find themselves displaced and in need of temporary housing as they wait for their homes to recover from the storm. If you have migrated from Houston to the Austin, TX, area or you’re just looking for a good temporary living situation, then consider a travel trailer from Dependable Camper Rental.

About Our Travel Trailers

Texas Travel TrailerAt Dependable Camper Rental, we have a number of travel trailer options, depending on your needs and your budget. Here are just some of the amenities you can enjoy. (Note that they do vary per make and model, so be sure to let our staff know your needs.)
  • Sleeps anywhere from 5 to 10 people (depending on the make/model)
  • Full kitchen
  • Full private bathroom
  • Separate master bedroom
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Entertainment space
  • And more
The great part about our travel trailers, in addition to these amenities, is that they require minimal set-up. You just park it in the right spot, hook it up, and you’re good to go. That’s why many of our customers choose a travel trailer over a popup camper option.

Austin-Area Campgrounds

You can find a number of state and local campgrounds right in Austin or less than an hour’s drive away. If you’ve displaced due to the hurricane, you may also choose to set up your temporary housing closer to home so you can oversee repairs on your house and do your best to get back to life as usual. In case you need a few suggestions on Texas campgrounds, check out our staff’s list of great places to camp throughout Texas.

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Are you ready to make your reservation? Contact our staff at Dependable Camper Rental of Austin, TX, by calling (512) 484-7955. You can complete your reservation over the phone, or book online at your convenience.